Lachaaya Creative
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-Art & Fashion Designs-

My art and fashion is spiritually inspired by the Most High. I allow the Most High to place an idea in my spirit before beginning any project. 

This is how my work is produced. By waiting on the Most High to guide me where to go and handling each piece with care. 

Lachaaya Creative offers handmade and hand designed work. I love working with my hands versus relying on technology. 

Using my hands gives me the ability to produce fine detailed quality work. 

With that, Lachaaya Creative provides art and fashion designs that is worth cherishing for a lifetime. 

From drawings, paintings, logo designs, portraits, framed work, album covers, sewing projects, and more. 

I'm very excited to act on any project ideas you have in mind. I hope you enjoy the work displayed on my site. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Sister,